The world produce more than 380 million tons of plastic annually

The world produce more than 380 million tons of plastic annually

Do you Believe ,The world produce more than 380 million tons of plastic annually .Each an every piece of plastic used world wide released to the environment as a thrash and unfortunately end up with the oceans and the other water bodies. It has discovered that more than 1.2 million tons of plastic enters to the ocean. Ocean is the largest eco system in the world which provide habitat to billions of marine organisms and plants.

Very unfortunately ,we have been seeing on media about for the last few days, a large whale has stuck his neck by a plastic ring and it results the whale to die.And so on dolphins ,sea birds has find dead with plastic in their stomach.

It is no secret that in many countries of the world , release plastic waste to the sea .It is true that there is no any place in the world to dispose this plastic trash .But as humans we all should be apollonian ,It is not fair to put this animal lives in danger.

A Single polythene bag takes 10-12 years to decompose completely and also a plastic bottle we use has 450 years of lifetime . So the danger here is not only for today, but also it’s consequences will effect the future as well.That is why we should stop this disaster .we all have right to live in safety environment.

It,s happy to say that , many countries like Canada, new york, California already has banned single use of plastic bag in their countries. As sri lankans if we think this as a national responsibility there is nothing like impossible. That is why we “ zero plastic team ‘’,previewing this idea launch so many programs. Our aim is to aware people on this current topic and we put our maximum effort on making a platform to the people who engage in producing eco friendly plastic substitutes in sri lanka. We highly focus on the matter of encouraging them to produce high quality, 100% eco friendly substitutes. So you all are welcome to join hands with us and be a partner of this massive social activism.