It is true that we are using plastics very commonly as it is relatively cheap, water proof, and durable. It makes our lives absolutely convenient. But most of the people don’t think about the effects on the environment. It takes about 400 years to degrade plastic. It not only pollute environment but also affect the health conditions such as cancer because of its toxic compounds.

In the journey of reducing plastic, we have to follow 3 steps which are ‘ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. The most effective way of reducing plastic is stop manufacturing plastic. To do that, we have to reduce and refuse!. Then we could move on to eco friendly plastic substitutes.

The second one is Reuse. We can use acquired plastics for many different usages such as plastic bottles for hanging planters and DIY pencil cases, polythene bags for small trash bags etc. Reusing of plastic can reduce the demand for new plastics to be created.

The last step is Recycle. After reusing plastics we can move them to recycling instead of trash. plastic recycling takes low energy than producing new plastics.

From those 3 methods, reducing plastic is in the first place. Then, we should go in to Reusing and Recycling. If you determine to follow these little steps, you will feel, it only need little planning and commitment. Always try to replace plastic with more sustainable whenever possible. Be conscious on your actions. Your one simple action can help reduce plastic pollution and keep environment healthy.